From the Front Line… To a Huntin’ Blind

BANDED BRIGADE OUTDOORS is a fully volunteer, registered 501(C)(3) organization that provides morale-boosting events, such as hunting, fishing, and target shooting, for those that have served our great country in any branch of the military. Through social reintegration, these activities provide Veterans a realization that, despite some traumatic injury, one can achieve virtually any goal through dedication, determination and the choice of triumph over tragedy.

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We provide these outings at no cost to the attendees and provide all equipment, lodging, meals, ammunition, etc., including any adaptive equipment or modifications needed. We have the adaptive equipment and experience to handle a wide range of disabilities, including: paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputations (including multiple amputations), loss of vision (including total blindness), and traumatic brain injury. We have not yet found a disability we can’t overcome.

Our program is supported and funded through sponsors and donations. Our hunts are donated by ranchers, landowners, and outfitters who share in our belief that there is not enough that we can do to truly repay these brave men and women for their selfless sacrifices in service to our country. With that said, we can get them out of the hospitals, clinics and rehab sessions and let them regain a sense of independence and normalcy. We can show them that we still care and are forever grateful for their service and sacrifice.


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Morgan Kleinschmidt and I work in promotions for The Houston Texans. We are having our annual Running of The Bulls 5K coming up on September 14th and I was wondering if we could include a flyer promoting Running of the Bulls in your race packets/gift bags for participants of your RAM Texan Drive 5K run. We could even provide an autographed Texans item if you have a silent auction going on at the race or it could be used for an “enter to win giveaway”.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Morgan Kleinschmidt
    Houston Texans
    Recognized as one of Houston’s Top Workplaces
    Marketing Promotions Intern
    NRG Stadium, Two NRG Park
    Houston, TX 77054-1573
    Direct: 832-667-2141

    1. Morgan,

      Sorry for the extremely delay in replaying here. Obviously we would love to do something with the Texans in the future as our Veterans are huge fans. Please contact me to see how we could work together.

      Bryce Cole

  2. Lucas i don’t know if i’m doing this wright. Howdy Y’all my name is Butch Hesselgesser i’m a 23 year disabled veteran from the Vietnam era. I can do most anything i like but at a slower pace than most. I really would like to get a whitetail buck this year. thank you for all you do for the veterans of all branches of the service. I’m rated at 100% and perminent.

    1. Calvin,
      Sorry we are just now seeing this. We would love to get you on a hunt. Please got to our website and click on the hunter registration tab in the top right hand corner. Fill that out and we’ll get you on a deer!

  3. I am a recent separated veteran, I did 2 tours to Iraq. I live in houston and want to go hunting when is the next time thanks. My contact info is 832-795-9822

  4. I appreciate your time in reading this. I’m 32, did 12 years in the Marines and got 100% disabled. I have never been hunting and would love to give it a try. I’m from escondido ca.
    Thank you all again

  5. hi I wanted to see how I can sign up July husband to your program ? We have a friend that told us about your organization:) my husband is a retired vet that would enjoy the great events you do thank you

  6. Hello I had the pleasure of doing a 3 day duck and geese hunt with yall in 2012. I flew down from PA to join some other veterans from patriot warrior foundation like David bradshaw, armen, coop and a couple others. I currently live in western pa and am apart of a non profit post 911 veterans foundation called it’s about the Warriors http://www.iatw.us and I am on the advisory board and on the board for the hunting side of iatw. I would love to maybe get a couple veterans down your way and do a duck/geese hunt with yall. Hope to hear from yall soon. Thank you

  7. I am a veteran serviced in the Marines and would love to join you guys on some hog hunting. Please let me know how I can join you thanks

    1. Mario,

      I used to live in SM when I went to SWT…. sure miss that town. We look forward to getting you out on a hunt. Have you registered on our site? If so, then we’ll see you soon!!!

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